To transfer 0.1 ethers, a stranger has paid a totally exaggerated transfer fee. Miners want to return the money.

A Noteworthy Transaction in the Cryptocurrency Ethereum Provides Riddles: To transfer 0.1 ethers – equivalent to around € 12.76 – an unknown user paid a hefty transaction fee of 2100 ethers last Monday, the equivalent of around € 268,000. By comparison, bitinfocharts gives the current median value of the fee for an Ethereum transaction at around 6 US cents, or 5 euro cents. Most observers suspect that the person has squandered and exchanged transaction sum and fee.

However, the public address from which the transaction originated behaves in a manner that does not look like a private consumer. Currently, it has over 18,500 transactions, some of them with very small sums, which were also made only a few hours ago….

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