An self-styled cryptocurrency mining company from Luxembourg has fielded multiple scam accusations after it emerged its executives do not exist.

Critics Say OnMiners Claims Too Good to Be True

OnMiners, which purports to produce three mining rigs with vastly superior hash power to market competitors, used stock photos and likely fake names for its leadership on its website.

Social media commentators became aware of the deception after the company published a press release about its alleged operations. The press release appeared unchanged on several mainstream news platforms, including the Associated Press, Venturebeat and BusinessWire.

In it, OnMiners promised Bitcoin hashing power of 140, 270 and 1020 terahashes per second respectively for its three mining rig models, which varied in price from $4500 to $30,000.

Those figures, as cryptocurrency YouTube channel host MrSotko noted, immediately seemed suspicious, as the fastest rigs from other companies have not surpassed around 50 terahashes.

After examining the provenance of…

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