The Bitcoin Cash City conference in North Queensland has just wrapped up, and participants are now unwinding after two consecutive days of presentations, product demos, free gifts, and plenty of food. Tomorrow, September 6, there will be a special workshop for developers, and then the conference proper will end and it’s on to next year’s plans. Day two presented attendees with a smorgasbord of info: tax advice, practical business solutions, onboarding tips, introductions to emergent coding and more.

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A Packed Day of Bitcoin Cash Action

Morning session speakers on day two included seasoned crypto entrepreneur David R. Allen, Lead Developer at Bitcoin ABC Amaury Séchet, Bitcoin Cash App explorations and applications by Dr. Saad Butt, Dao Zhou and Ethan Cannon, CEO at Echt Fin, Jeanette Murphy, Sr. Software Engineer at Code Valley, Mark Fabbro, International Public Relations at Bitmain, Nishant Sharma, and Director at BCH.Club, Hongli Wang.

Emergent Coding, Adoption Incentives and Practical Use - Bitcoin Cash City, Day 2
Speaker Dao Zhou laments his…

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