There’s no denying the fact that the cryptosphere is a unique and interesting medium with tons of attention and imagination-capturing projects.

In a sphere dominated by projects that either try to beat Bitcoin or Ethereum, or solve some of the most pressing issues such as scalability and privacy, there’s one project that comes with a whole different mission, and it goes by the name of Electroneum.

The project aims to bring its cryptocurrency into the mainstream by becoming the first digital currency used for daily consumer trading and spending, something that Satoshi Nakamoto himself envisioned when it created Bitcoin. To achieve this, the projects brings one the most important devices from our daily lives into the equation, our smartphones. Another interesting goal of the team is that of replacing most in-game currencies with ETN.

What is Electroneum?

In short, Electroneum is a mobile-first cryptocurrency that aims to become so much more than a speculative asset. It aims to make the purchasing of crypto assets as simple as…

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