Why the BCash Proxy War Could Be Very Bullish for Bitcoin Price

Despite Bitcoin Cash ABC looking like it will win the BCash civil war with notable support from  John McAfee and Bitstamp, the ugliness of the sideshow could actually have a bullish impact on Bitcoin (BTC) price.  Pledge of Allegiance Yesterday,

Battle of BCash: McAfee Nails His Colors to the Mast

In the ongoing battle of Bitcoin Cash, John McAfee has taken to Twitter pledging his allegiance to Jihan Wu. Wu, along with Roger Ver, is one of the main proponents of the ABC version of BCash. Pledge of Allegiance In the

The Mcafee effect – The Bitcoin News

John McAfee is one of the most active social media influencers in the crypto currency market. For a long time it was not known whether he would receive money for his tweets, in which he often promoted ICOs. Now John

Cartel To Launch ICO – Non-Profit Platform to End Retail Pricing

Bitcoinist.net · February 8, 2018 · 5:00 am Commerce has consistently shown when a new technology favors customers by providing the most affordable purchasing options, it succeeds, just as Walmart and eBay, Amazon and Alibaba have done. A selfless new