Effect.AI, an artificial intelligence project that has been under development on NEO for some time, has announced that it will abandon NEO very soon. According to Effect.AI, the project and its token will be migrated to EOS by the end of April—demonstrating that blockchain projects and apps are not bound to their original platforms.

Why EOS?

According to Effect.AI, the project was originally attracted to NEO due to its free transactions, high throughput, and support for multiple programming languages. Unfortunately, NEO’s free transactions resulted in spam, while its throughput and language support have turned out to be much more limited than originally expected.

For those reasons, Effect.AI eventually decided to move to another platform. The project also considered Ethereum, Komodo, and Tezos before finally settling on EOS….

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/effect-ai-plans-to-move-from-neo-to-eos/