Decentralized applications (Dapps) have enriched the cryptocurrency industry as they account for more than 1 billion transactions within the past year, bringing up a value of about 10 billion dollars. The gambling market happens to be a foremost sector in this valuation and EOSBet.io (now EarnBet) has played a growth-role in the decentralized betting industry, with its performance resulting in it being able to distribute more than USD 4 million to its token holders in the first year of operation.

A World-Class Casino

EarnBet is a Dapp casino launched in March 2018 on the EOS blockchain with a proprietary provably fair algorithm that continues to attract players across the globe to play and share in the gaming profits earned by the platform. During the first month of its launch, it topped all other Dapps on the EOS blockchain, while outranking the entire Bitcoin network and every Ethereum Dapp in transaction volume.

Since its launch, every step of its development has been geared towards providing an unrivaled user experience that…

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Source: https://themerkle.com/earnbet-io-growth-hacks-ecosystem-distributes-4-million-to-bet-token-holders-in-12-months/