Earn More On Every NFT Sale with Zero Platform Fees On Mintable!

From the Mintable blog.

Has the state of the NFT market got you down? Not making as much from your NFTs as you used to? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

From now on, Mintable will be waiving all platform fees for the last week of each month! Maximize your profits by selling your NFTs on Mintable today.

Zero Platform Fees On NFT Sales From 25 July – 1 August 2022

How much more profit can you make without platform fees?

Most NFT marketplaces charge a platform fee that can range from 2.5% up to 15%. That means for every Ξ1 worth of NFTs you sell, you’re losing around $38 – $225 in profits to the platform! (At an ETH value of 1,500 USD)

Start selling your NFTs on Mintable today. With no gas fees to mint NFTs, and no platform fees eating into your profits, you have the freedom to mint and sell what you want, how you want, without worrying about the cost.

Useable, Affordable, Mintable.

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Participants who participate in any transactions with Mintable or the platform must comply with the applicable laws and regulations set in their countries. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at Mintable’s discretion. 

Zero Platform Fees Period: This Zero Platform Fees Week (“Zero Fees”) will run from Monday to Sunday every last week of the month, starting from Monday, 25 July 2022, 00:01 AM (GMT+8) to Sunday, 31 July 2022, 23:59 PM (GMT +8). 

Eligibility: Zero Fees is open to all Mintable users with a Metamask or Mintable wallet (“Eligible Participants”). Eligible Participants must have a verified Mintable account and be legally allowed to use the site. Eligible Participants are deemed to have expressly agreed to be bounded by these Terms and Conditions (as varied or changed). Mintable reserves the right to disqualify Eligible Participants who do not comply with this set of Terms and Conditions.

How to Participate: Eligible Participants can participate in Zero Fees and enjoy 0% Platform Service Fees when they buy and sell an NFT on the Mintable Marketplace. Mintable will not be responsible for or bear the cost of any other incidental charges. Eligible Participants have to bear customary taxes and charges applicable to their respective countries. Eligible Participants will not gain any monetary value, aside from the 0% Platform Service Fees, which are normally charged by Mintable. 

Declaration for Conflict of Interest: Any Participant, Mintable staff, or Affiliated Companies participating in Zero Fees is liable to declare the full details of their participation to the Mintable team at marketing@mintable.com.   

This article came directly from the Mintable blog, found on https://editorial.mintable.app/2022/07/22/earn-more-on-every-nft-sale-with-zero-platform-fees-on-mintable/

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