Earn 200 USDT on Your NFT Purchase!

From the Mintable blog.

NFT trading isn’t as profitable as it used to be, especially now that the NFT market is in a slump and crypto prices are dropping. To help our community of NFT traders during these hard times, we’re bringing back one of our most lucrative incentives to give NFT buyers a well deserved boost! 

Mintable’s Trading Rewards is back, and this time, it’s bigger and better than before! In March this year, we rewarded our users with 150 USDT for every Ξ1 transaction on Mintable. All 200 rewards were claimed in just three days, so we’ve decided to bring it back for everyone who missed out.

This time, we’re doubling the number of rewards to 400, with an extra 50 USDT on top to offset those pesky gas fees. No forms to fill out, no extra steps. Just buy your favorite NFTs and get 200 USDT straight to your wallet!

Mintable Trading Rewards V2

From 7 June to 30 June 2022, Mintable is offering a 200 USDT reward to every user who spends Ξ1 on NFTs on our platform.

How To Win:

  • Spend at least Ξ1 on ANY NFT
  • You will receive 200 USDT in your wallet on 3 July

It’s that easy. 


Promotional period from 7 June to 30 June
At least Ξ1 must be spent in a single transaction to qualify
Valid only for the first 400 transactions
Limited to 1 reward per wallet
Rewards will be credited directly to the wallet which made the purchase
Rewards will be issued on 3 July 2022.

This article came directly from the Mintable blog, found on https://editorial.mintable.app/2022/06/07/mintables-trading-rewards-earn-200-usdt-on-your-nft-purchase/

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