Earn $150 on your first trade from April 11th*

From the Mintable blog.

With effect from April 11th, we’re offering all users a $150 reward for NFT purchases!

How To Join:

– Spend at least Ξ1 on NFTs at Mintable.
– Submit the transaction hash here
– $150 USDT will be sent to you


  • This reward is applicable for the first 200 qualifying submissions. We are sending rewards out of this wallet.
  • Each wallet is eligible to the $150 USDT once only
  • Multiple transactions adding up to Ξ1 accepted
  • Rewards will be credited directly to the wallet which made the purchase
  • Existing users will be able to enjoy this reward on their First Ξ1 trade w.e.f 11 April 2022 18:00 SGT / 10:00 UTC / 06:00 EDT
  • Rewards issued daily


John buys one Alien Frens for Ξ1 on Mintable. He qualifies for the $150 reward.

Sally buys 2 Cryptomories for Ξ0.5 each. She spent a total of Ξ1, so she qualifies for the $150 reward.

Why trade on Mintable?

No marketplace fees

No additional fees to list items
No fees for cancelling listings

No royalties on top NFT collections*

Rewards will be paid out every day – $30,000 worth of rewards to be paid out. Track rewards transactions here

*List of top NFT Collections with no royalties:

Bored Ape Yacht ClubMekaverse
Mutant Ape Yacht ClubMurakami.Flowers Seed
Hape PrimeCoolmans Universe
Clone X – X Takashi MurakamiAkuma Origins
World of Women GalaxyCool Pets NFT
CyberBrokersProject Nanopass
MeebitsKaiju Kings
MURI by HausAlien Frens
Beanz OfficialGutter Cat Gang
Bored Ape Kennel ClubCyberKongz
KIWAMI GenesisDeadfellaz
HashmasksNeo Tokyo Identities
ZombieClub TokenRobotos
World of WomenON1 Force
GNSS by MGXSPudgy Penguins
Invisible FriendsVeefriends
Gutter JuiceCryptoads by Gremplin
DoodlesLoser Club Official
Impostors GenesisFLUF world
B(APETAVERSE)Quirkies Originals
NFT WorldsMetroverse Genesis
mfersAntonym: Genesis
Arcade LandThe Sandbox

How to find your transaction hash:

Once you’ve bought an NFT, click ‘View on Etherscan’ on the popup window

Your transaction hash is the first line in the transaction overview.

Here’s a visual guide:

Alternatively, you can get your transaction hash from the confirmation email you receive from Mintable after your purchase. 

This article came directly from the Mintable blog, found on https://editorial.mintable.app/2022/04/11/earn-150-on-your-first-trade-from-april-11th/

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