Talk of bitcoin passwords being encoded and stored in synthetic DNA is not new, but in a recent development scientists have announced that DNA-encoded information can now be stored in everyday objects such as eye glasses or a shirt button, instead of a vial or test tube.

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From Test Tube to Silica Beads

Bitcoin seed phrases and other private information can now be stored in the clothes you wear, or any number of other inconspicuous, everyday objects. While previous reports have detailed the process for encoding data via synthetic DNA, and storage in a test tube, a new study entitled “A DNA-of-things storage architecture to create materials with embedded memory” claims that the code can now be embedded within everyday objects. The authors state:

We devised a ‘DNA-of-things’ (DoT) storage architecture to produce materials with immutable memory … DNA molecules record the data, and these molecules are then encapsulated in nanometer silica beads, which are…

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