They say that Bitcoin is volatile. But compare that to the savage landscape of altcoins in which one token can gain or lose 75 percent of its value in less than 60 minutes. That’s what happened to Digitex Futures yesterday–and it had to hurt.

Why Did Digitex Futures (DGTX) Fall Off a Cliff?

For an altcoin (or possibly sh**coin, the market is still trying to decide), the Digitex Futures community is stronger and more active than most. There aren’t many projects with 1.5 million on their waitlist or a 70K+ Telegram group.

DGTX tank

You have to admire the company for its impressive work as far as viral marketing is concerned. But marketing has always been a double-edged sword for this ambitious startup with pretensions of going head to head with BitMEX.

Yesterday, everything was going well as its community geared up for the April 30 launch–until all of a sudden, it was “postponed until further notice.”

CEO Adam Todd released a video showcasing the “piece of garbage,” riddled with critical flaws, that was the final build…

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