Bitcoin Press Release:  The team of DIGITAL GOLD is happy to announce the new GOLD stablecoin. The company has developed a platform based on ERC20 token and smart-contract to represent gold. 

September 10th, 2019, Singapore – The target of the Digital Gold platform is to digitalize physical gold and make it possible to transfer over the blockchain. GOLD stablecoins establish a digital link between a real-world asset (gold) and a gold-backed digital asset.

DIGITAL GOLD released its product for both precious metals investors and blockchain communities based on Swiss-audited secure Ethereum smart-contract. GOLD token is a true treasure for those who are looking for reliable stablecoin or just want to easily invest money in real gold with full privacy, top-level security and complete transparency guaranteed by a real-time audit of gold bullion assets in Singapore-based vault storage.


Gold has been used to store value for thousands of years. The unprecedented long-term stability of its purchasing power exceeds any…

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