DigiFinex Story: Mining in Indiana, US

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The Indiana mine is one of the BTC mines of DigiFinex in the US. Its total size is 190MW, and 20MW has already been completed. In this mine, 60,000 miners can function at the same time.

The mine is powered by AEP Power’s unrestricted clean energy source: 12.47kv three-phase, y-rated Delta Nuclear. AEP Power covers eleven U.S. states with a total of more than 38,000 megawatts of power, providing a steady supply of power to the mine and allowing the mine to run continuously around the clock.

The construction standard of the mine’s electrical equipment far exceeds industry standards and there are five layers of disconnections, relays, and other protections throughout the power transmission process, which not only ensures the safety of the equipment but also greatly reduces the probability of power outages due to equipment failure.

The operation and maintenance team is composed of professionals with five years of experience in mining machine maintenance, which can monitor computing power 24 hours a day, especially a temperature monitoring and rapid processing of mining machine dropouts. Coupled with timely maintenance by professional repairers and timely replacement of spare parts for mining machines, the mining machine can also be quickly repaired and brought back online when problems occur so that the online rate of mining machines reaches more than 98%.

The mine uses water curtains and high-power blowers to cool down the mining machine, which significantly reduces the probability of the machine dropping out at high temperatures, improves the mining efficiency of the miner, and increases the mining output.

Mining involves the purchase of mining machines, transportation, hosting, maintenance, etc. The barrier to entry is relatively high and the process is tedious. In order to lower the barrier of participation for users and make the whole mining process more efficient, we, DIgiFinex, have introduced the cloud mining mode. Computing power is the core of a miner, that is, the platform provides a one-stop service to purchase mining machines, hosting, maintenance, management, etc. Users only need to purchase the corresponding computing power, and you can participate in mining to obtain cryptocurrency.

The product we are now presenting is S19j Pro Merged Mining, adopting high-hashrate and low-cost miner S19j Pro.

Merged Mining applies a mode of group responsibility. In this mode, buyers in the same batch purchasing machine computing power, share the profits, maintenance fees, unexpected fees, and other fees, according to the proportion of computing power held, which largely reduces the risk compared to individual mining.

You can recharge with USDT or deduct it from your output. For more details about the subscription, please check the link: https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/cloudmining/market/merged

This article came directly from the Digifinex blog, found on https://blog.digifinex.com/2022/11/23/digifinex-story-mining-in-indiana-us/

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