After a very rough start to the week, it would appear as if the crypto markets are finally ready to turn bullish again. While there is still a lot of work to be done prior to noting any real gains, it seems some markets are moving in the green again. The Digibyte price is moving up again, although the road ahead will be filled with hurdles along the way.

Digibyte Price Momentum Show Signs of Potential Growth

Although a lot of crypto traders and speculators keep a close eye on all of the top alternative markets, Digibyte is hardly ever mentioned. That strikes a fair few people as odd, even though there is also a reason as to why this is happening. A lot of the initial excitement regarding DGB has quieted down all of a sudden. As such, it seems most of the “influencers” have dropped off the radar in recent months.

Even so, it would appear the Digibyte price is ready to move up once again. Following a 4.6% gain in both USD and BTC value in the past few hours, it seems the momentum is turning in favor of this altcoin again….

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