On March 11, the creators of the Freelanceforcoins platform announced the launch of a new crowdsourcing market called Taskopus. The standalone application is similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk marketplace but anyone can participate, payouts are near instantaneous and bitcoin cash (BCH) is used for settlement due to the chain’s low network fees.

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Meet Taskopus, the Mturk Alternative

News.Bitcoin.com recently reported on the newly created Freelanceforcoins. This Monday the lead developer of the platform announced a new alternative to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk marketplace (Mturk) called Taskopus. Essentially Taskopus users complete tasks that computers or artificial intelligence cannot accomplish. Users can perform the chores published by task creators and get paid almost instantly in BCH once the buyer is online. Taskopus users can also create assignments, micro-jobs, and exercises for the general public to complete.

Developer Launches Mturk Alternative 'Taskopus' Powered by Bitcoin Cash

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/developer-launches-mturk-alternative-taskopus-powered-by-bitcoin-cash/