Deutsche Bank analysts have made some predictions regarding the future of cryptocurrency. Strategist Jim Reid explained why cryptocurrencies are inevitable and how the existing fiat money system could crumble over the next decade, leading to soaring demand for cryptocurrencies.

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‘The End of Fiat Money?’ – Cryptocurrencies Are Inevitable

Deutsche Bank Research released a special edition of Konzept entitled “Imagine 2030” on Thursday. Konzept is a regularly published research report that addresses the fundamental issues driving the world of economics and finance. In the 84-page special edition, Deutsche Bank analysts discussed contrarian ideas of how the 2020s may evolve.

Jim Reid, Global Head of Fundamental Credit, Strategy and Thematic Research at Deutsche Bank, wrote in the report: “While critics bemoan cryptocurrencies as constrained by regulatory hurdles, we believe the incentives of governments and card providers are such that digital currencies are inevitable.” He…

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