PRESS RELEASE. Defi and blockchain-powered Metaverse, DeNations launches NFT art minting platform, giving away free yield-bearing NFT art to NFT art collectors

DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse platform based in Hong Kong that everyone can own nations, build cities/civilizations, and earn tokens.

In DeNations, ownership of core assets is represented by Ethereum NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Players can register their NFTs at DeNations’ metaverse platform (, run their nations and earn token (DENA) profits.

These NFTs are currently trading on OpenSea and DeNations was ranked 4th in terms of trading volume under the Virtual World category.

As DeNations is becoming noticeable each day, it has recently released a new collaboration project called DeNations Art Chain, a decentralized ecosystem where various talented artists can easily and sustainably produce valuable NFT arts.

A contemporary artist Jeon…

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