A series of op eds by Kyle Torpey addressing some of the oft-repeated arguments against Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s core value proposition is that it is an uncontrolled, apolitical money. To some people, this means Bitcoin is only useful to people who want to get around various regulations imposed on the world’s financial systems and society more generally.

And in a way, these Bitcoin critics have a point. Bitcoin can be quite useful for criminals, much like physical cash. However, the permissionless nature of Bitcoin also enables other valuable use cases of this new technology.

Bitcoin is simply a tool. And that tool can be used by both good and bad people.

Non-Criminals in the Developed World

In the developed world, bitcoin has mostly been used for price speculation. People simply want to bet on the future potential of this new digital asset. That’s not a crime.

In addition to outright speculation on bitcoin and altcoins, there are those who already view bitcoin as a credible store of value due to its difficult-to-corrupt monetary…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/debunking-bitcoin-myths-its-only-for-criminals/