PRESS RELEASE. The DealDefi network is a scalable heterogeneous blockchain for lending/borrowing & marketplace decentralized finance.

The DealDefi Network prides itself in four major unique features; – Minimum or no gas fee on transactions, decentralization, privacy and fast/instant transactions.

The DealDefi Network team is known and has a lot of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects having been involved in successful and existing projects.

“Our slogan is Effectiveness and Transparency in Defi” were the words of the CEO & Co-Founder Eng. Joshua Patrick during a live AMA with the DealDefi Network community.

On the DealDefi Pouch Users can stake DealDefi Tokens for DealDefi Tokens or other ERC20 tokens on the DealDefi platform, lend or borrow crypto assets, swap from one token to another and wrap non ERC20 tokens to compatible versions of the tokens.

The DealDefi Token is the utility token in the DealDefi Network and will grow in value over time as the network gets adopted by…

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