Three months, ago reported on Panda Exchange launching a hybrid point-of-sale (PoS) and cryptocurrency ATM in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then, the Panda team has also helped Athena Bitcoin install a crypto ATM in Cúcuta, Colombia to serve as a crypto gateway for Venezuelans. On April 17, Panda announced the installation of its second digital currency PoS terminal at Cúcuta’s most popular burger restaurant, Darwinos.

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Panda Exchange Launches Another Exeler BTM in South America

Spreading cryptocurrency throughout Latin America is a big deal to the Panda Group team and the company’s founder Arley Lozano. Panda Group provides cryptocurrency solutions globally and operates the trading platform Panda Exchange. Last January, spoke with Lozano about the hybrid PoS terminal and cryptocurrency ATM installed in Bogotá, at La Tortata sweet shop.

Darwinos Burger Joint Hosts Colombia's Second Point of Sale and Crypto ATM

Panda calls the device the Xeler BTM and the terminal…

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