CULT DAO Trends on LBank: Will CULT Hit $1 Before the End of April? | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Apr, 2022

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CULT DAO Trends on LBank: Will CULT Hit $1 Before the End of April?

CULT is outperforming its peers as seen on the LBank Weekly Stars ranking. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoin’s prices fluctuate, the tradable and liquid token of CULT DAO trades at a decent price and is consistently climbing.

CULT trades against USDT at the rate of 0.0000375035 and surges 18.74% in the last 24 hours. As per LBank’s weekly chart monitor, CULT gained over 118. 96%. However, the token hit 0.0000740000 earlier this week before going downtrend.

If its community continues to rally around CULT, a bull run is expected in no time. In fact, it may reach a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.00008. Besides, indicators in the altcoin are showing a high potential of claiming an uptrend position that will see it go parabolic.

No matter the promising outlook of this altcoin, the volatility of the crypto market remains an undefeated block to the rapid rise in price for CULT. Nonetheless, its community is hopeful and some analysts who have put in fortunes believe it could rally to $1 before the end of April.

In case you are yet to get your own CULT token, LBank is investors’ and traders’ most preferred exchange to buy, sell, or store CULT DAO and other 500+ projects listed on the top crypto exchange.

Opening an account on LBank is simple and fast. You can also read further to understand how to navigate and purchase CULT with ease from your android or iOS.

How to Buy CULT

1. Create an LBank Account

Download the LBank app and start the signup process. Either register with your Email address or your phone number. Afterwards, a verification code will be sent to your preferred signup account.

2. Add a Payment Method

Tap on the payment method box and connect a payment method. You can use a debit card or credit card, P2P payment method, bank transfer, or click on the ‘Fast Trade’ button to enable the system to automatically match you with the best merchants and the most used payment method based on your country and region.

3. Start Trading CULT on LBank

Go to the ‘Search’ option, enter CULT DAO OR CULT/USDT, Click on ‘Buy’ and select the amount you want to buy.

Afterwards, it will ask you for a buying confirmation passcode or password. Then, type in yours and then hit ‘confirm’, and then it says your order is successfully placed.

With this, your orders will be open orders. You can cancel all orders or place orders to set the price for in the future.

In addition, you can buy additional tokens to get the best value from LBank. For ‘Spot or Grid’ trading, click the trade button. To trade ETFs, Futures, and Options, select the ‘Derivatives’ option. By hitting the ‘Apollo’ button, you can also acquire the hottest project on sale. LBank also provides Flexible and Locked investing alternatives.

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