Cryptopia, a New-Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange, has relaunched a “read-only” version of its website on Mar. 5th after a two-month long hiatus.

The exchange closed its doors on Jan. 15th after it discovered it was a victim of a malicious hack that cost the company around $16 million in cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptopia’s “Read-Only” Website Goes Live After Slight Delay

After almost two months of being in “maintenance mode,” New-Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has finally reopened. The company is still not ready to resume business as usual, but it will be resuming user balances to its pre-hacked state.

The company announced the launch of its website in a tweet on Mar. 5th, saying that it will be using the holding balance from Jan. 14th as a baseline for calculating rebates.

Cryptopia said that the company was currently in the final stages of a rebate process for the users that were affected by the Jan. 14th hack. And while the public will have to wait for more details about the matter to be…

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