How Crowd Power and Carrots Are Redefining Blockchain Governance

It’s not just blockchains that have to reach consensus: the people using them also need to be in agreement. Otherwise, chain splits occur, as has happened to Bitcoin 47 times and counting. Blockchain governance has traditionally been dull, involving primitive

Microsoft: Bing Blocked 5 Million Cryptocurrency Ads In 2018

Bing, the web search engine owned by Microsoft, blocked more than 5 million cryptocurrency advertisements last year, new figures from the company reveal. Microsoft’s Bing Says Cryptocurrency ‘Key Focus’ As part of its Ad Quality Year in Review 2018 document

Watch Out for Binance Coin (BNB) in the Next Bull Run — it might Hit $200

The so-called ‘crypto winter,’ which dominated 2018, seems to have finally ended. Apart from an occasional correction, most coins are seeing gains, although the lack of institutional cash flow, as well as the investors’ hesitance to return,  are still preventing

DigiByte Price Loses 15% in Quick Succession

As the majority of cryptocurrency markets remain subjected to bearish pressure at this time, it will be interesting to see who will buck the trend first. It seems unlikely DigiByte will be the coin to do so, as its value

The Complete Guide to Blockchain Advertising

As you can imagine, blockchain projects aren’t just trying to advertise their wares. Some blockchain projects are advertising tools themselves. What lies in the center of both topics is the idea of security and privacy. And it makes sense. Privacy