Bitcoin Is Finding Its Way into High Schools

News Over the past few years, colleges and universities all over the world have been creating courses revolving around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Now the subject is slowly infecting the halls of high school students who want

Vladivostok Discussed as Russia’s New ”Crypto Hub”

Economy & Regulation Bankers and government officials have discussed the possible creation of a crypto valley on Russia’s Pacific coast. Representatives of the Central Bank and the executive power in Moscow have taken part in the consultations

Iran also plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency

After the first round of the ICO of Venezuela’s state-owned cryptocurrency was a success, Iran now wants to launch its own cryptocurrency. The plans have been around for some time. Contrary to all assertions, the Iranian central bank has declared

Why the PLAAK Exchange Is Different · February 24, 2018 · 12:30 am Exchanges form the foundational platform for obtaining cryptocurrencies. These encrypted currencies are then used to make online purchases and transactions. In a world becoming increasingly digitalized, this form of currency is becoming

Why e-Chat Messenger Attracts the Attention of Celebrities? · February 24, 2018 · 12:00 am As many people know, the decentralized messenger e-Chat conducts ICO and enters the market. The system is fully operational, as the application is already launched and is used by hundreds of thousands