Bcoin Developers Release Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Application

Technology & Security On Friday, Nov. 16, the developers behind the full node projects Bcoin and Bcash announced an application that allows users to complete cross-chain atomic swaps between both the BCH and BTC chains. The Bcoin programmers have also

OKEx Forces Early Settlement Of BCH Futures Contracts

Major cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx, faces a backlash from traders, after changing the terms on $135 million of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) futures contracts. The exchange says it forced early settlement of the contracts to protect investors from volatility following the Bitcoin Cash split.

Thai Central Banker: A National Cryptocurrency Is Years Away

Altcoins Central bankers have been talking about issuing their own digital coins ever since they first saw the appeal that bitcoin holds for many people. However, the latest indications point to it being a very long time until we will

Report: Censorship-Prone EOS ‘Needs to Re-Architect Its Infrastructure’

Altcoins EOS, the $4 billion blockchain project developed by Dan Larimer, has been savaged in an exhaustive new review. The 17,000-word report, based on extensive laboratory testing, concludes that EOS’s real-world throughput isn’t much better than Ethereum’s and that its

Bitcoin skid continues, hits 13-month low

Bitcoin prices are continuing to move lower on Monday as the downbeat sentiment in the digital asset community persists. Coming off a week that saw the world’s largest digital currency plummet through $6,000, bitcoin prices have shed another 5% on Monday,

Ivypay Launched, Allows Australians to Pay Bills Using Cryptocurrency

Fintech Ivypay, a cryptocurrency-based payments platform, was launched in Australia on Nov. 19. The service — built by blockchain company Ivy in partnership with Hiveex, a cryptocurrency broker — allows Australians to use digital currencies to pay bills and transfer

KPMG: Cryptocurrency Still Far Away From a Store of Value

When Moon? Not soon according to the talking heads at KPMG. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will require a bit more time before they truly function as a reliable store-of-value. We Ain’t There Yet, Says KPMG Whereas in August, KPMG reported that