Medio Demarco, the co-founder of crypto-oriented research firm Delphi Digital, feels relieved that he left Deutsche Bank on time. Recently, the German banking giant announced massive restructuring.

Demarco Was Prophetic by Turning to Crypto

While cryptocurrencies made their way to secure a place among financial markets, large banks didn’t hesitate to criticize them and minimize their potential. For instance, JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon infamously called Bitcoin a fraud while UBS Global Wealth Management’s head Paul Donovan said that cryptos would never become currencies.

Deutsche Bank is no exception. Most of the top executives have questioned the potential of Bitcoin and the crypto space as a whole. However, Medio Demarco, former Deutsche Bank analyst, and associate at the Hedge Fund Credit Risk unit, was a big believer in digital assets and even left the bank to start his own company in the new industry.

He revealed via his Twitter profile that many co-workers at the German bank might have thought last year that he was…

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