Crypto Ponzi Scammers Who Duped Professional Sports People Are Jailed

More skulduggery in the cryptocurrency space as two Arizona men who fronted a million-dollar Crypto Ponzi scheme are arrested on money laundering charges.

Crypto Ponzi Scheme Targeted Major Baseball League Players
Another day, another deliciously wicked scam in the cryptocurrency space. This time around, it looks as if the orchestrators of the Crypto Ponzi scheme known as Zima Digital will get their comeuppance. 
The two Arizona men Zach Salter, 27, and John Michael Caruso, 28, defrauded more than 100 people out of at least $7.5 million over the last year and a half. Among their victims, according to Quartz, were several major-league baseball players and their families.

Salter and Caruso founded a cryptocurrency investment firm called Zima Digital Assets. They then used investors’ funds to support their extravagant lifestyles,…

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