Did crypto mogul John McAfee fall overboard the Freedom Boat? Or was he seized by the IRS? The rumors started mounting after a tweet from his account stated “developing events have made it necessary for John McAfee to go dark.”

Another PR Stunt from John McAfee

John McAfee has been “on the run” (this time around) from the U.S. authorities since January 2019. Well, not exactly on the run in the physical sense of the words. Since his vessel, the Freedom Boat has been docked in Georgetown, Bahamas.

Still, supposedly safe from extradition for various counts of tax evasion while shacked up in the Caribbean island, the pirate of the high seas continues to run his presidential campaign, make Bitcoin price predictions, and generally entertain his following.

No surprise then that this latest tweet was met with a healthy dose of skepticism. Or that it turned out to be a prank, with McAfee tweeting out just hours ago that was “defiant” and “free as ever.”

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/crypto-mogul-john-mcafee-going-dark-sparks-rumors-of-arrest/