TheMerkle Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know crypto lending is thriving more than any other segment of the cryptosphere.

Of course, there are apparent reasons for it because lending and borrowing is a direct consumer business.

But, honestly, I am too surprised by its growth where companies like BlockFi, Celsius, YouHodler have issued loans worth billions of dollars.

At first sight of crypto lending products in 2018, I was quite skeptical whether this industry-vertical will take-off or not. This thought was mainly because crypto lending is fully collateralized, and the fiat world where we live in there is less off collateral at stakes.

Especially when you have interest rates as low as zero or negative, which means money is free, and anyone can have it without sufficient collateral.

In such kind of scenario, who would want to take loans by keeping their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral?

Plus, to get such kinds of loans, one should have these cryptocurrencies in the first place to keep as…

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