crypto jacking reduced

Despite being flagged as the greatest cybersecurity threat at the start of last year, crypto malware-related hacks (cryptojacking) were down by 78% in the second half of 2019.
Cases of Cryptojacking Down By 78%
Cryptojacking, that nasty little malware that infects your device, sucks its CPU and forces it to mine crypto is becoming less of a threat. At least, that’s according to a report out today by cyber threat intelligence agency SonicWall. 

The report found that “cryptojacking crumbles” as “the price of bitcoin and complementary currencies created an untenable situation.”
It’s interesting that SonicWall should point to BTC’s price as being a factor behind the drop in cryptojacking.
After all, 2018 was hardly bitcoin’s best year and yet, cryptojacking was still cited as the number one cybersecurity threat for 2019….

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