When there is a conversation about the biggest
publishers in the field of science the names nature and science are
always included. Let’s imagine that the ongoing blockchain revolution is
incubating a publishing house of such caliber. What type of ecosystem
would it bring forth and which groundbreaking technologies would it

Commonwealth is considered to be one of the most ambitious projects.
Their vision is to create a community that incentivizes effort and
quality of publications, with the ultimate goal to create a journal as
successful as Nature and Science. The project claims to have a strong
network of researchers in top universities and plans to invite more of
them to join, as well as funding their research in academia. They intend
to distribute 100% net profit back to the authors, editors, and
reviewers, paying for their contributions in their native token COMM.
Excellent contributions will make the ecosystem stronger, encouraging
and inviting more people to play a part within as…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/crypto-commonwealth-a-blockchain-project-en-route-to-a-world-leading-publisher-and-asset-manager/