Crypto CEO Wants to Buy Mexico’s Presidential Jet With Amero Tokens

Mexico-based crypto exchange operator Isatech intends to buy the country’s presidential jet for $138 million worth of tokens and a large piece of land, among other things.

Crypto Company Wants to Use its Tokens to Buy Aircraft
If Isatech’s bold plan succeeds, it means the Mexico government would end up with hundreds of billions of Amero tokens (AMX), and between 1,400 and 2,400 hectares of land in the state of Baja California Sur. In 2008, Isatech paid $2.8 million worth of Amero for 1,400 hectares of real estate in Baja California Sur. Now it wants to buy the presidential jet for $130 worth of AMX plus $8 million in real estate.
To avoid confusion, Isatech’s Amero has nothing to do with the hypothetical currency with the same name, which is said to be the future currency of an economic and monetary union between the US,…

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