Cross-Industry Collaboration: Louis Vuitton LVMH Teams Up With Epic Games For a Unique Immersive Experience

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Multinational luxury conglomerate Louis Vuitton LVMH announced a partnership with Epic Games, a renowned game software development company, on June 15. Leveraging Epic’s expertise and robust 3D creation tools, LVMH aims to bring immersive experiences like virtual fitting rooms and fashion shows.

LVMH Merges Digital Technology to Create a New Brand Experience

At the annual tech conference, Viva Technology 2023, LVMH announced its strategic collaboration with Epic Games. The objective is to create new physical and digital products by utilizing Epic Games’ technical prowess. By providing an immersive digital experience, LVMH aspires to interact with its global clientele.

Epic Games’ 3D toolkit,

including Unreal Engine (game development engine), Reality Capture (photogrammetry software), Twinmotion (environment rendering software), will help LVHM bridge the gap between customers and the brand. This will explore the synergy of the brand’s products with digital technology, realizing 360-degree product views, virtual fitting rooms, and digital fashion shows.

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Toni Belloni, LVMH Group’s General Manager, said,

“We have always been committed to innovation and providing our customers with new experiences. Interactive games that have matured and become a cultural phenomenon are a great example.” Belloni also added that the collaboration with Epic Games would enhance their expertise in 3D technology and brand ecology, ranging from creating new collections to new forms of advertising campaigns, and engaging more effectively with the younger generation.

LVMH Has Already Stepped Into Web3

With the flourishing development of NFTs in recent years, the term “phygital” – a combination of physical and digital – has been widely discussed. It refers to a new sales model born from the integration of virtual and real, which can be seen in various Game-Fi and NFT projects. As a leading fashion brand globally, LVMH has already embarked on this journey.

A few days ago, LVMH announced the upcoming launch of its first NFT series, “Digital Suitcases (Via Treasure Trunks).” These will offer exclusive products and experiences for premium members. Each NFT is priced at 39,000 euros (approximately 42,000 US dollars) and can be exchanged for a limited physical suitcase.

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Via, a new digital product brand under LVMH,

will use Treasure Trunks as its digital membership certificate. Purchase will be subject to review, and in the future, owners of the NFT will have priority access to the latest and exclusive limited edition products or services, including physical clothes or participation in offline brand activities.

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