The Merkle CREDIT

Blockchain developer TERRA has revealed some of its newest addition to its ever-expanding ecosystem. The latest products have been tailored to meet the needs of people in developing countries such as Nigeria, whose people are struggling to gain access to basic banking and payment facilities.

The South African blockchain platform is set to aid the redistribution of wealth for the unbanked through its native token CREDIT. By ensuring the 2 billion unbanked earn its cryptocurrency as annual passive income on their smartphones, those targeted will undoubtedly unlock the market potential of the unbanked, already estimated to be worth over a trillion US dollars. 

In an effort to meet its target, the platform has built 8 innovative products designed to break down the walled garden state of global wealth and also expand blockchains inclusion market. 

The new products include:

  1. MiniPOS — A smartphone-compatible staking wallet with hourly-based reward features. This allows users to earn passive income of up to 100% profit per annum via…

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