An Evolve-or-Die Moment for the World’s Great Investors

At this year’s annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha, ­Warren Buffett, the high priest of value investing, uttered words that would have been grounds for excommunication if they had come from anyone but him. Buffett began his career nearly 70

Blockchain Is Paving the Way Towards Reduced Carbon Emissions

Debate continues to rage about the best practices and strategies needed to collectively curb carbon emissions. Blockchain tech can help. As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so does the debate about their energy usage. Research has purported energy consumption habits by

Blockchain May Resolve Palm Oil Problems

As consumer desire for palm oil continues to rise, movers and shakers within the industry look towards blockchain to solve issues related to production, accountability, and sustainability. Growing demand for palm oil over the last decade has driven a lot

Mangkhut, Apple, and Google: The Gathering Storm

Greetings from Hong Kong, where we are battening the hatches in anticipation of Typhoon Mangkhut, a tropical storm said to have the equivalent force of Hurricane Florence. Mangkhut could be the biggest storm to hit Hong Kong “since records began.”

Data Sheet—What Elon Musk and President Trump Have In Common

The comparison is brain-dead obvious. A bold-faced-name leader, as famous for his celebrity as his debt-fueled accomplishments, irresponsibly vomits his non-vetted thoughts onto Twitter. He attacks enemies a mature leader would ignore. Real consequences ensue. I’m talking, of course, about

Not a Month Into Beta, Lightning Applications Continue to Grow

With the advent of the long-anticipated Lightning Network (LN), crypto enthusiasts have more to look forward to than faster, cheaper transactions. Just as smart contracts brought DApps to Ethereum’s network, the Lightning Network is primed to bring a host of