craig wright lawsuit plot thickens

The ongoing legal dispute between the self-proclaimed creator of crypto, Craig Wright, and the estate of his former business partner, Dave Kleiman, is far from over. The latest filing is sure to confuse, enthuse and amuse you in equal measure, as it lays out a memorandum of joint discovery before the case heads back to court.

Thought the Craig Wright Case Was Over?

So did we. The whole debacle seemed to be reaching its closing stages. The judge found Wright to be somewhat less than credible months ago, ordering him to pay Kleiman’s legal costs and cough up half of his bitcoin.

As Bitcoinist reported last week, the only thing left for them to bicker about was supposedly how reasonable (or not) the claimed legal fees were. [Spoiler alert: I actually agreed with Wright that they indeed seemed outlandishly steep]

But the latest…

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