craig wright explains satoshi nakamoto name origins

Serial forger, fantasist, and the world’s most famous Faketoshi, Craig Wright, has been at it again. This time ‘proving’ that he genuinely is Satoshi Nakamoto, by sharing a timestamped document, revealing the pseudonym’s origins… Or at least holding up a blurry printout with some writing on it, during a Skype interview with a sympathetic journalist. Rather than, you know, actually proving it beyond doubt by moving some of Satoshi’s coins or something.

I’m Just Gonna Leave This Lying Here

After a brief mention of the journalist supposedly being dragged into the ongoing Kleiman court case, the interview proper, starts with an enquiry as to how Wright is doing now. “Not too bad,” he replies, before casually dropping in:

I’ve just been digging up old documents. Trying to figure out what the horrible, horrible start of bitcoin…

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