Craig S. Wright has officially taken the first steps in a legal action against a member of the Bitcoin community, according to a letter shared with Bitcoin Magazine.

The self-described Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin SV creator has threatened to sue Hodlonaut, the creator of the Lightning Torch, for a series of tweets labeling him a “fraud” on Twitter. Following the forksplit of Bitcoin SV from Bitcoin Cash — and Wright’s continued indefatigable insistence that he is Satoshi — the community has been unyielding in its own insistence that Wright isn’t Satoshi. Tweets calling Craig S. Wright a “fraud” have become something of a meme in the community, inspiring hashtags like #CSWFraud and even going so far as to earn him the moniker “Faketoshi” among his opponents.

Wright has long threatened legal action against anyone who has labeled him a fraud on Twitter, and a letter that Hodlonaut received from Wright’s lawyers finally substantiates what was, for a time, just a looming threat.

The Letter and Demands

In a…

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