Bitcoin has its fair share of mysteries; exactly how it works being one that most users will never understand. But by far the longest standing and most intriguing is the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Well the GotSatoshi website and Twitter feed is promising a live reveal at 15:50 GMT on May 14th. So not long to wait and find out then.

Where In The World Is Satoshi?

Okay, so the website just poses the question “Where in the world is Satoshi?” with a countdown and a mailing list signup. But the Twitter account purports to actually be written by Satoshi himself… or herself.

The accompanying blurb describes an “Inventor, developer, futurist. Cryptoenthusiast and blockchain evangelist.” as you might expect. It goes on to say “Not Craig Wright.” as you would also expect. GotSatoshi hints that he/she “May know @officialmcafee,” which ties with McAfee’s claim to know Satoshi, and challenges us to “Unmask me if you can.”

If we can? I thought Satoshi we going to do the unmasking.

What Would…

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