It would appear that all of the drama surrounding the COSS exchange is far from over. The social channels that are still active are not a source of actual information. 

In fact, asking any sort of honest question in those channels will likely get users banned.

The COSS Drama Only Gets Worse

COSS shut down its services out of the blue roughly two weeks ago.

The company cites a major platform upgrade is taking place, yet leaves customers without access to their funds.

This decision doesn’t sit well with the community, for fairly obvious reasons.

No advance warning of this migration is extremely unprofessional.

Moreover, there have been plenty of rumors as to how the exchange is simply pulling an exit scam.

Those rumors cannot be proven at this point, and need to be treated as such.

However,  the behavior of COSS on social channels doesn’t bode too well either.

Anyone asking for information on Telegram is likely to be restricted from the channel for a month.

While it can be annoying to keep answering the same questions, censoring…

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