The number of merchants accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) is growing. According to a community-curated website, there are over 1,000 BCH-accepting merchants, grouped into over 40 categories. The site also separately lists organizations that accept BCH donations.

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Directory of 1061 Merchants

Accept Bitcoin Cash is a community-curated directory of merchants that accept BCH. It currently lists 1,061 merchants as accepting bitcoin cash for products and services and 61 organizations as accepting BCH donations.

The main directory has 1,039 BCH-accepting merchants, divided into 41 categories such as accommodation, art & design, banking, cloud computing, communication, crowdfunding, crypto exchanges, developer, domains, education, entertainment, food, gambling, gaming, IoT, legal, mining, payments, and security.

Community-Run Directory Surpasses 1000 BCH-Accepting Merchants

Organizations that accept crypto donations and merchants offering adult products or services are listed separately. Under the “Donations” tab, there are five…

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