Cointext, the cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to send bitcoin cash (BCH) by SMS, has been steadily adding regional support and so far has captured 42 countries. Now Cointext has added the ability to utilize the BIP70 protocol so users can pay Bitpay invoices using the wallet’s text messaging capabilities.

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Cointext Now Supports 42 Countries

The Cointext wallet is a popular client among BCH supporters because it allows people to transact through SMS technology. Over the last few weeks, the startup has been adding support for countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The company has gathered support for a total of 42 countries including Hungary, Denmark, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Australia, Estonia, Finland, and Germany. Cointext’s main goal is removing friction and making cryptocurrency simple to use and the startup believes its wallet “is the easiest way to introduce friends to crypto.”

Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS

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