Coinmetrics Study Unveils Shocking Tether (USDT) Fact

The team at Coinmetrics has just released their latest findings on Tether, and its new all-time high velocity is not the only interesting thing they’ve discovered.

Each USDT Token is Traded Approx 46 Times Per Year
A study of USDT turnover reveals just how crazy the demand for Tether’s stablecoin is. According to Coinmetric’s tweet on January 31, they reported that every single USDT token changes hands roughly 46 times every year.

The trailing 12 month velocity of @Tether_to on Omni, Ethereum and Tron has rapidly and consistently increased since September and currently sits at ATHs, where on average each $USDT turns over 46 times per year
— (@coinmetrics) January 31, 2020

The trend of increasing activity shows that Tether is instrumental to liquidity flows between exchanges. It’s most…

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