Coinjer bitcoin scam

The Coinjer scam is one of the latest cons to hit crypto-related social media recently. The scam primarily operates across Telegram channels and tricks people into coughing up bitcoin in order to receive more. 

The Coinjer Scam Promises BTC Rewards

The Coinjer scam is a relatively small-scale attempt to syphon away Bitcoin (BTC). The scheme offers a BTC reward, but ends up not paying it, a Reddit thread explains.

The messages spreading on Telegram promise that the user has won 0.25 BTC, and that they have to go and claim it. The Coinjer site then asks for registration. However, an actual withdrawal of 0.25 BTC is not allowed, so the user has to supply some more BTC to reach the threshold of 0.3 BTC.

However, Coinjer won’t pay even then. The scheme now requires more verification, including a KYC screening. There is also a cost for…

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