The importance of reliable market data grows with rising cryptocurrency prices that inevitably attract more investors to the space. There is a wide choice of market cap aggregators, but some offer more rich functionality than others. Coincheckup is one good example of that.

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Website Tracks Coins and Offers Research Features

Coincheckup is a free online platform which tracks over 2,000 cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, providing information about their prices and price changes for different time periods, market capitalization, 24-hour volume, circulating supply, and percentage off all-time-high.

What sets the website apart from others is the additional features it comes with. Coincheckup provides detailed charts, an analysis page, price quotes from different markets, and predictions. It offers users investment and price performance statistics as well.

Coincheckup Aggregator Makes It Easier to Analyze the Crypto Market
BCH page, Coincheckup

Fundamental, investment and technical analyses are part of the tool kit…

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