San Fransico based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced a new market structure for its trading platform Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Pro to Change Things

Revealed in a recent blog post, the changes are designed to help increase liquidity, enhance smoother price movements, and ensure price discovery.

According to the blog post, this new change in structure will include a new fee structure, reportedly designed to increase liquidity, updated order maximums, new order increment sizes, the turning off of stop market orders and added market order protection points.
Also, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime will no longer take stop market orders. As a result of this, all stop orders will henceforth be submitted as limit orders and include a limit price.

Also, the newly introduced market protection point for both Coinbase Prime and Coinbase Pro users will be a total of 10 percent for all market orders.
It was further explained that market orders that move the price more than 10 per cent will stop executing and return a partial…

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