Cryptocurrency prices, which have seen a significant increase since the beginning of April, have again awoken FOMO emotions in the crypto space. If you’d like to know how much profit you would have made if you’d bought certain coins right before the spike, there’s a simple tool that will perform the remorse-inducing calculation for you.

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Calculator Answers the Question ‘What if I had Invested?’

Coin Time Machine is an easy to use website that helps answer the question “What if I had invested in cryptocurrency?” It is one of many “FOMO” calculators that are enjoying renewed interest from potential investors. The online platform allows you to estimate what your profit would have been today if you had bought cryptocurrency for a certain amount of fiat on a specific date, or simply didn’t sell your holdings.

The website offers numerous options including major world currencies like the U.S. dollar, euro, Japanese yen, and…

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