Websites dedicated to cryptocurrency data are prone to looking dull and overcrowded with numbers, percentages and charts that may put off newcomers to the space. Platforms such as Coin 360 are more intuitive for users, providing an easy to comprehend visual representation of the current market.

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Website Tracks Cryptocurrencies by Price Change

Coin 360 arranges digital currencies on an interactive map according to the protocol they are based on. Each tracked crypto is displayed in a separate box with its ticker symbol. The size and color of the boxes, green or red, indicate the market share and the 24-hour price change of the respective cryptocurrencies.

When scrolling over a box, another window pops up with additional information about the coin, including a chart, current price and 24-hour volume. The market data is updated every 10 seconds and you can define your own watchlist choosing between 10 and 50 coins or tokens.


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