After much testing and hard work, Citowise is
announcing the first stage of their new platform –

With this solution, everyone can acquire a
ready-made company with a crypto-friendly bank account in 4 jurisdictions:
England, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland.

This package deal can be purchased with
bitcoin, and within minutes users are 2 steps away from legally establishing
financial ownership. Physical documents are sent directly to users to sign.

“The entire process is done remotely and
with your convenience in mind. We are very excited to see how this opportunity
changes the way companies are bought and sold.” Aleksandr Kents, Founder
of Citowise.

Citowise is starting off with England, Cyprus,
Marshall Islands, and Northern Ireland as they cover a significant market
share. The pain point of having to fly to another country to set up a business
or open a new company, in addition to language barriers and legal issues is all,
by design, solved with the platform….

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